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At Cali Girl PMU, we choose the products we use with careful consideration to ensure they meet our high standards in quality and performance. If you are searching for products that could elevate your PMU practice, you might want to consider some of the things we love in the links below.

Eyelash Spoolies

Latex Gloves

Nitrile Gloves

Treatment table covers

Biohazard Sharps Container

Microtip cotton swab

Cotton rolls

A & D ointment

Practice head

Mast needle cartridges

Mapping tool

Head-worn magnifying lamp

Aloe gel

Tattoo Ink

Microblading pigment

Nano/Powder Brow Pigment

Lip Pigment

Steamer for disinfecting studio

Mast PMU Machine

Zenus PMU Machine

Scar & Stretch Mark Machine

Paper towel holder, health code compliant

Alcohol prep pads

Non-alcohol prep pads

Multi-port 25' extension cord

Topical Anesthetic (closed skin)

Topical Anesthetic (open skin)

Lined paper tray covers

Power Supply for PMU machine

Mobile Supply Organizer

Practice Skin for Lips

Practice Skin for Brows

Blank Practice Skin

Brow Mapping pencil

Brow Tint

Tinting brush

Ink removal solution

Ring Cups

Facial Razors

Mapping pencils

Scar & Stretch Mark Pigments

Tattoo protective covering

Table covers

Machine wrap

Machine Barrier

Microblading handles (disposable)


Towel warmer

Cotton rounds

Ring Light

Lamination micro brushes

Plastic Cling Wrap for lips and brows

Mapping String

Mapping Paste

Wax warmer

Wax beads

Razor Blades for sharpening pencils

Hair nets

Ink Soap

Cooling facial globes

Ice Packs

Surgical markers

Barrier Film


Disinfectant Spray, health code compliant

Disinfectant Wipes, health code compliant

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