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Stretch Marks

Cali Girl PMU's Scar and Stretch Mark Camouflage treatment is a pain-free, natural-looking solution for minimizing the appearance of scars.


If a scar is raised or textured, it will be flattened or smoothed using an inkless camouflage technique. It combines a concentrated hyaluronic acid serum and nanoneedling treatment to stimulate collagen and soften the scar tissue. One or two sessions of inkless camouflage are typically needed prior to adding pigment. If scars or stretch marks are very faintly visible, inkless camouflage may be all that is needed to reach your goals. Treatment sessions should be spaced 4-6 weeks from each other for optimal results.


The Cali Girl PMU technique uses pigments with larger molecules than traditional tattoo ink, specially formulated for scar tissue, creating a softer, air-brushed looking result. The pigments are layered with each session, as opposed to implanting tattoo ink deep into the skin, resulting in a more natural look that will gently fade over time and can be refreshed after several years, if desired.


Inclusive to all human designs, we have pigments to match all the beautiful skin tones of the world. Our experienced technicians guarantee a beautiful outcome that will leave you feeling confident in your skin.

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