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Lamination & Tint Aftercare Instructions
  • Avoid contact of your eyebrows with water, steam, hot baths, saunas after the application for 24–48 hours.

  • Avoid oils, shampoo and lotions for 24–48 hours.

  • Avoid eyebrow make up for 24 hours.

  • Avoid rubbing or pulling your eyebrows for 24 hours.

  • Sleep on your back for 48 hours! Since your eyebrows are still shape-shifting, sleeping on your side or putting pressure on your eyebrows can leave them misshaped.


  • Use an oil-free makeup remover.

  • Avoid aggressive products.

  • To keep your eyebrows fluffy-looking and to prevent them from getting tangled, brush them daily. You can use an eyebrow brush (especially made for this purpose). 

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