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Scars and stretch marks are a common issue for many women and men, and they can affect self-esteem and confidence. These marks can be caused by:

Weight gain/loss






While there are a variety solutions available on the market, most of them are either temporary, painful, or costly. At Cali Girl PMU, our skilled artists camouflage marks and scars using the PMU technique without the use of painful lasers, creating natural - looking healed results.


We think you are beautiful the way you are, but if your scars or stretch marks are impacting your confidence, we are here to help.

*Free consultations, no hidden costs or upsells.

Click here for general pricing of camouflage treatments.


*While consultations are always free, our time is valuable. A $50 deposit is required to secure your consultation booking and will either be applied to the cost of your treatment if you decide to move forward, or refunded if you decide not to. In today's world, this has become a common business practice to cover the cost of our time in the event of any unfortunate no-shows, and we thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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