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You will leave your camouflage treatment with a protective film over the treatment area, which you should keep in place for the following 4 hours to prevent the skin from any irritants. After the film is removed, use a ph-neutral soap to gently clean away any excess pigment leftt on the skin. Only ph-neutral soap can be used on the site for 3 weeks following the treatment. Aftercare cream should be used for a minimum of 10 days, and for optimal results, use for 20 days.

  • Avoid excess sweating/exercise for 10 days.

  • PH-neutral soap on the areas of micropigmentation for at least 10 days, or longer if skin is still healing

  • To prevent infection, keep the pigmentation site clean, do not touch it, especially with unwashed hands as to allow for optimal healing.

  • Do not shower with hot water, use sauna, tanning beds, jacuzzi, or pool with chlorinated water for 10 days.

  • Swelling that may occur during and after the procedure subsides within a few days. To cool any swelling, you may use a cooling gel for a maximum of 10 minutes every hour, but not longer, to ensure the skin does not get saturated with moisture.

  • The skin around the pigmentation site may be paler/whiter, which is completely normal. This will naturally resolve over a few days.

  • Bruising/discharge RARELY occurs, but if there is either of those occurring, it will subside within a week. DO NOT RUB the discharge, just use a clean paper towel to gently blot the area dry.

  • It may be tempting during the healing phase to use makeup to conceal any flaking skin or pigment that is still settling, but this is highly discouraged.

  • DO NOT SCRATCH, PULL, or TEAR pigmentation areas to avoid potential infection or pigment loss, both of which will affect the final healed results. 

  • If a scab forms on the pigmentation area, DO NOT PICK OR TRY TO PREMATURELY REMOVE IT, as the pigment will peel off with the scab, and your investment will be gone. No refunds are given for services already provided.

  • Use aftercare cream for at least 10 days. Apply a thin layer 1x-3x per day, never with your fingers. Please use a clean cotton pad.

  • Do not apply cosmetic products that contain acids to the pigmentation site, as it will cause your camouflage to fade more quickly.

  • In case of sun exposure, use a high factor sun screen of SPF 50+. It is very important to protect the treated area from direct exposure to the sun for at least 2 months after the procedure - so as to prevent the wounds from staining with brown pigment and from any change in color. Continuous use of strong protective factors in areas of pigmentation will extend the color durability.

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